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What’s on my Kindle, coffee table, nightstand, and Google Chrome tabs (early Dec. 2011)

Shift (how to reinvent your business, your career and your personal brand) by Peter Arnell 

Rarely do I blaze through a book, but this one has me devouring it fairly quickly. Peter Arnell does a good job in supplying his own personal references and stories to help you understand what things we can all do to make the brand of ‘me’ more relevant.

I’m Feeling Lucky: The Confessions Of Google Employee Number 59 by Douglas Edwards 

An interesting read into the life and times of an early Googler.


Glass Magazine: a cool glossy from the UK…with an interview this month with Vincent Cassel (who happens to be TRÉS cool)

Another Magazine: a HUGE glossy (also from the UK)


blurb: Make your own book – yup, it’s exactly what you think it is (the wife and I are working on something to be published in 2012); pretty easy to navigate and the results look quite professional

New Good Peoples Mixtape by Nick Hook – High On Coffee On a Plane: some tunes to get you through the day

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